WOOF woof woof a work in progress!

A Woofington Isadora Pinkington Welcome, To You!

Scripted by Ms. Isadora (Pinkington) Cooper, from the Province of Woofwoofington, Australia.

I can hardly wait to share this new addition to Ms. Susan, the Artist’s Website. She is my human. I am her faithful companion, an Australian Labradoodle, 5 breeds in one. Lab, poodle, curly haired retriever, Irish water Spaniel, and one other kind of Spaniel. With this focused intention, we are bred to be good companion dogs. I am an empath. I love people more than I like most dogs, whereas some people like dogs, more than they like people. I can tell if a person or canine is nice right away, so I do have my preferences. Sometimes I welcome folks by getting up on my hind legs, it makes me feel more human. They say the more you resemble someone, the closer the affinity. My hair is generally curlier, lots of it, a white color with a beige rose blush~it’s called apricot.

This is my first print available for you: “Artista Fashionista”. I love my beret & burgundy hand dyed silk ensemble. Designing clothes, wrapping the fabric~so many decisions, but worth it.

Ms. Coop, art fash, WEB 125x167 COOP large softfashionista P1190577On paper, mounted on board: 8×10″: $60. 16×20″: $225. Matte or Pearl Metallic finish.

Modern Metal: 11×14″, 1/16th. ” real aluminum, float mount. Very groovy. $250.


Let’s see what takes shape from here, as you join us on our canine and hu~woman adventures in photography!

We love doing things together, especially going for walks and visiting special places. Since we are both women, around the same age, we make good paced company. Sometimes, Mr. Whatshisname accompanies us, or any number of walking friends.

Ms. Susan takes a whopping amount of pictures, it’s called Photography, she’s been at it for years! We were talking about photography just the other day. Ms. Susan used to have only film cameras. Did you know that my human was the film archivist at The Academy of Motion Pictures, Arts & Sciences, in Beverly Hills? What a visual feast. Those were the days when people payed real attention to lighting and composition. Who in the world started that trend where the tops of people’s heads are left out of the picture. I think that one person started it and other people followed! “What were they thinking”, I ask you?

Anyway, she began with film cameras: Pentax, Minolta, Nikon, and Cannon. Over the past, nearly a decade, Ms. Susan, who used to say,”That’s not a camera, and those aren’t prints~I can smell the difference”, started considering, “Digital”. In our house we currently have two digital cameras~a Panasonic Lumix and a Nikon, with a 200 zoom lens. You have to forgive people, especially in some cases, when things change. Perhaps it’s wisdom to curb some opinions until history reveals more, but that’s a completely different lens. Anyway, my preference, given the digital two, the Nikon. As a model, I can hold a pose for almost a minute sometimes. The “click” sound of the shutter sounds like a REAL camera and it keeps me focused. The 200 zoom lens gives me more personal space, so I don’t feel so stared at, while I’m holding a particular pose.

People like to know things like…What do I enjoy, and how do I spend those in between moments: Sometimes I like just walking around the kitchen, perusing the new fallings and scent remnants on the hardwood floor. I’m fond of both kale and spinach chews, very crispy. I highly recommend them to you as well, as they are loaded with vitamins. “What are you doing”, I will hear sometimes from Ms. Susan. She might look down to see I am just chewing on the white stuff she writes on all the time, and then she’ll say something like, “Oh, O.K. Eat the paper”. She’s so funny.

Excuse me, I need to drink some water. Meanwhile stay tuned to see which photograph of me Ms. Susan my hu~woman, puts on the web next time. I love that word, the web. For such few letters, it’s a huge intricate concept with great connection all over the world.

Sincerely, Ms. Isadora Pinkington Cooper from the Province of Woofwoofington, Australia

Postscript: “Artista Fashionista” is also available in vintage color. Either way, photo arrives as pictured here, sans the lettering across center section. This particular image is digitally enhanced so the tone is softened~edges are dreamy, not so on the vintage, will post another day. EnJoy~Woof Woof.