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November 2016…Ltd. Ed. Metal Print Sale 20% off.  Studio Sale~selected items!

Gallery Representation~Crow Valley Gallery


“2 Trees On The Pastel Trail” is currently available as a Limited Edition Aluminum Metal Print!

Paintings on canvas, linen, and paper Website:

ART bluegoldweb P1030593www.susanslapincontemporaryabstracts.com.


*Here You Will Find Many Feasts For The Eyes*

Printmaking    Acrylic Painting  Mixed media   Pastels    Photography

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        Schedule Art Workshops/Retreats for your small group. “Freeing up Creativity”, The Elements of Art, Sketching~Study Color and Value, Creating Mandalas, for emerging or seasoned artists/painters. Exploration~Navigation, is where it’s at. Art~Creativity Workshops~Retreats are spontaneous, educational, passionate, playful, earnest, honest, & creative. Or, Experience a Creativity Consult via Email or Telephone, which helps free up art process, and creativity for every day vision. Create new niches’ to add interest and purpose to your day!

Creative Photography Sessions include portraits~small weddings, & a host of land & seascape images~honoring the exquisite natural environment.                                    

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A lovely greeting card from a recent studio visitor just arrived in the mail. This is the main content of the note:  “I just found this quote: “The years of life are like a gift each one of us can use to make a difference in the world in any way we choose”. Through your gorgeous art, you have chosen to share the beauty you see imbued with a spirit that translates into love.”    

Wow, I’m thinking, this amazing woman took the time to affirm something that I invest so much of my being into. Don’t we love it when our authentic gifts, really touch lives in a good way. Thank You every one, for your creative~kind gifts, that make the world that much brighter


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                                                                       ADIA, COLLAGE PicMonkey Collage

Wedding PicMonkey Collage*Love & Marriage*

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Paintings on linen, canvas, and paper Website in development:


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