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Explore your Creativity with Art Coaching, Lessons, or Workshops…

SUMMER 2017. Women’s Art Workshops & Retreats in The San Juan Islands.

Choose from”The Process of Change”. Graphite, Pastels, Acrylics.

“The Elements of Art”, or “Beginning Pastels”.

1/2 day-Two Days.

Scheduling every two weeks. Email:


Pencil, color pencil, pen, acrylic. Explore color, art process, elements of art, and creative voice.
Small Groups: Studio, Art, & Retreat Centers.

Inquire regarding booking a Workshop at your Art Center!

ART Workshop, Nature.DSC_0381_2_2student work FullSizeRenderJOAN web FullSizeRenderEXPLORING~WORK & PLAY…

I love Art time with this former Art teacher,  (Pictured here. I added the wording!). I assist, or facilitate~guide in the creative process. The student~emerging artist~opens the door anew, to mixed media explorations!


Art webWorkshop, B&APicMonkey CollageGO FORTH & CREATE. Explore authentic creative voice. Gain education, receive guidance and feedback, develop some new perspectives through various exercises.

Clarify direction as you hone in on your art path.

Tune in to creative imagination & artistic expression. 

pastel web photoPastel Studies (posterized for graphics purposes) illustrates specific value studies.

Mediums include pencil, pen, color pencil, markers, acrylics.

Schedule creative individualized quality time, at home in The San Juans, or as a visitor on this exquisite sacred land, or along the west coast! Plan a Girlfriend or Family Art Retreat for your Small Group.

Kay Frost Creates, web PicMonkey CollageThis dynamic emerging artist knows how to “Go with the flow”!

“CREATING MANDALAS”: Focus on NATURE LIGHT & COLOR. Includes sacred geometry & patterns in Nature. Medium: Prismacolor- color pencils or soft pastels. Much content to explore. Beginners welcome, all levels and age groups. Learn more about line, color, design, values, surfaces, with a window into Sacred Geometry. Workshop includes meditation and walking in Nature, weather permitting. Minimum 3 Hours, 1-2 Day Workshops.

Art Retreat: Meditative, process oriented image making~explore intuitive color from quiet spaces. pastels or acrylics. 2 Days. $225.


ACCESSING CREATIVITY: Consultations may include a broader look at creative ways to create your days.

Basic Art Lessons & Workshops: SKETCHING & COLOR~ THE ELEMENTS OF ART.

SKETCHING WORKSHOPS~PENCIL-PEN & INK: Learn about techniques & materials. A playful yet informative approach with lots of educational content~and creative process. See your work evolve as you access intuitive voice. Build from techniques, insights, & tips that I have discovered over the years. The art experience is an adventure and a journey~in tune with Nature and creative voice. My workshops create a space for process oriented creative inquiry~your work takes shape in surfaces and imagery. I assist within the creative process of personal inquiry and artistic expression.

COLOR PENCIL MANDALAS: Traverse, Tune in, & Center. Explore Inner Process, through educational & organic content, focusing on the present moment. Learn more about color, design, shape, and form. Meditative~along with music. Humor, authenticity, and healing all encouraged.Transform through ART PROCESS.

MANDALAS WORKSHOPS are oriented in a number of ways: Exploring color, design, shape for framable pieces,  Heart Mandalas, Nature Mandalas, Personal Template Mandalas, Whimsy Mandalas, Archetype Mandalas, Mandalas For Healing, Mandalas For Fun!

I offer a tuned in approach that encourages individual process. Sequential building blocks~element upon element, linking to one’s true creative voice. Baby steps & springboards build foundation.

As student and Artist, all of my life, I love sharing art education, in many mediums, tuning in to the student’s creative process. The student/emerging Artist creates in this context, with new tools and techniques, gaining creative empowerment. I love seeing individual authentic discovery and creative expression emerge and grow. Sequential techniques and structure give the emerging or mature artist good foundation and support. Creativity becomes richer, more conscious. Spontaneity and inquiry are encouraged. Intuition over-rides “assignments” which makes way for creative inner directed expression. There are many intermittent choice points which increase brain power,  decision making abilities, and “next choices”, for every age.

Within Beginning Pencil or Pen Sketching Workshops, (The Elements of Art”) people begin to get a feeling for how they work and what aspects or techniques within a “picture plane”, most resonate for them. I often encourage incorporating an object, or photo the student has taken, that will relate to beginning sketches. What has meaning and value to you? How do you wish to develop your image?

I facilitate small group sessions, presenting thoughtful material with individual attention. Learning is inherent in the midst of inquiry. Creative expression evolves.  “Art is a true path on the road of life~wherever you are~a vehicle from which to perceive, explore, interpret, express, integrate and understand one’s world~an active metaphor at work & play.” Spiritual content, is also inherent in one’s creative experience.

Question: “I never did any Art or Design before, can we just Play” ?  Answer: “YES” !

Recent feedback from MANDALA Color Pencil WORKSHOP: “Art Classes with Susan are classes full of soft learning and steeped in acceptance, freedom, and peace. Who wouldn’t wish to return time and again to achieve new skill levels while experiencing timeless treasures of the soul.” Nancy Ayer.   “In Susan’s guiding light, I created my first Mandala. It was a deeply gratifying experience. I was both enchanted by and amazed at what came out of the process. Definitely worth doing again and again and …” Kerry Wasson-Quirk.

Feedback from Beginning Pencil Sketching Workshop: “O.K….GOOD Class! Very enjoyable meditative~permitting. Just the right amount of direction and permission. Good show, mate.” Elsie McFarland. Testimonial #2: “Love, love the class, and the passion and energy you bring to it.” from Lynn J. Testimonial #3: “Susan’s drawing workshop put meaning to my own vague conceptualization of “value”, “building up a surface”, “mark marking”, and “texture”. I think we all felt well informed and listened to. I truly felt comfortable enough to follow my instincts while attempting the process of drawing instead of slavishly copying another’s works. That is hard to convey to new students, but Susan did it well. I left inspired to look at the work of interesting artists brought to our attention and to draw more. Thank you, Susan! signed c”. Testimonial #4: “The class had just the right balance of instruction and experimentation. Susan taught us new techniques, then let us incorporate them into our sketches. The combination of seeing different methods and play time to practice techniques helped me build my sketching repertoire. It was good to get out of the verbal side of my head and think visually for awhile. Most of all, it was just plain fun!” Jill Johnson.

In a recent “Telephone Creativity~Coaching Session” which I facilitated…The gentleman, a certified creative life coach, was not an “Artist”; yet was able to access more creative ways to add additional interest & connection, into aspects of his daily routine/life; through a process of intuitive questions, specific doodling exercises, inquiry, & meditation. He was pleased with his 1 Hour Consult.

Schedule an ART WORKSHOP for your small group, friends, family, children & friends. Step into play, knowledge, study, introspection, problem solving, and creative freedom!