Ms. Isadora Cooper

Welcome with a Woof, I can hardly wait to get started on this new edition to the Artist~Ms. Susan’s, Website! I wonder what will take shape from here. So happy you will be joining us for my photo-op adventures! We love doing this and since we’re both around the same age (a woman never tells), the pace works perfectly! My human has utilized a variety of film cameras over the years~Pentax, Nikon, and Cannon. Over the past almost decade, it’s been all digital~never say never! Ms. Susan used to say, about digital, “That’s not a camera and those aren’t prints”!   Now it’s Panasonic Lumix and Nikon. My personal preference, Nikon, especially with the 200 Zoom. Ms. Susan can take my picture, and I can sit well, appreciating looking at the more distant lens. Without the zoom, that thing is like, right in my face! So happy you’re here, now let’s see which picture Ms. Susan will post first! Woof, Ms. Isadora Cooper

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